Florence Nightingale Global Health 501(C)3

Our guiding principles:

• Increase awareness, education, health and resources.

• Promote and fosters understanding and awareness of poverty and related issues; while keeping the goal of ending poverty forefront in making decisions and policies; 

• Work to create an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration within the community we serve as well as with the international community at large; 

• We are open to new ideas and new initiatives that lift people out of poverty.  We seek volunteers for our global work which directly serve those in need.



Our mission is to reduce poverty and alleviate its devastating impact on mothers, children and families.



Give “change to end poverty” 




Philippine Medical Clinic

Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest ever recorded, tore through the central Philippines on 8 November, sweeping away villages, killing over 5700 people, wreaking havoc on the lives of more than 11 million others and damaging the majority of medical facilities.

Texcoco Dental Mission

2014 – Organized, fundraised and assembled a team of 4 women who worked to coordinate and plan this dental mission to Texcoco de Mora, Mexico. We identified dentists and hygienist along with our partners in Texoco de Gante Rotary Club to bring care for  for each patient.

Open Heart Mission

2013 – Organized, planned, fundraised and found a team of surgeons from Duke University to Philippine Children’s Medical Center in Quezon City to provide educational training and open-heart surgery for children who would have died without the surgery. We worked with the local Rotary Club in the area and were able to provide open heart surgery for 10 indigent children.


"Hospitals are only an intermediate stage of civilization"
— Florence Nightingale