We are proud to be going back to continue our dental outreach mission in Texcoco, Mexico.


In 2014 we organized, fund-raised and assembled a team of 4 women who worked to coordinate and plan this dental mission to Texcoco de Mora, Mexico. We identified dentists and hygienist along with our partners in Texoco de Gante Rotary Club to bring care for 627 patients with multiple treatments for each patient.

Our Priorities:

  • Providing sustainable dental education, care and treatment

  • Providing educational training for patients & dental students

  • Work with Professora Delfina Gomez Alvarez, Mayor of Texcoco, Mexico


Rotary Club of Texcoco de Gante, Antonio Junco & Angel Nieto, Rotary District 4170, & Silverio Association Gutierrez Perez Pro-Lip and Palate IAP



2017:  Texcoco, Mexico Dental/Medical Clinic --- July-August 2017

Lead Dentist: Dr. Sunil Kashyap


  • Rotary Club of Texcoco de Gante
  • District 4170
  • DIF
  • Florence Nightingale Global Health
  • Hendersonville Rotary Club
  • Marion Rotary Club
  • Boerne Rotary Club

Goal for this clinic:

  • 800+ patients
  • Outreach clinic in 4 different communities
  • Dental & Medical care
  • Introducing new care programs (medical/CLC)


Lead Dentist: Dr. Sunil Kashyap

  • We treated over 700 patients in 4 days

  • For the first time in our history, we were able to bring dental care to remote villages that would be otherwise unable to have access to have access to care

  • Worked in tandem with Mexican dentists and US hygenist team



Lead Dentist: Dr. Sunil Kashyap

  •           We are expanding the mission to include a cleft-lip palette surgeon

  •           We have 4 dentists & 8 Hygienists and support personnel

  •           Our goal this year is to provide more focus on the orphanages and to increase the treatments, cases and training from last year. We will also be teaching them how to take this program out into their communities.


Lead Dentist: Dr. Stuart Kalmus

  •           Our team provided multiple treatments for 627 patients.

  •           We had Mexican dentists & students assisting our mission

  •           We had 4 Dentists & 3 Hygienists and support personnel




Dr. Sunil Kashyap, Lead Dentist
Phone (704) 763-8214
Email: sunil.kashyap87@gmail.com

Florence Allbaugh, Team Leader
Cell (843) 422-1190
Email: globetreked@gmail.com

Paul Coles or Douglas Payne, Information Technology
Cell (305) 851-1675 or (786) 443-6315
Email: paul@colespayne.com or douglas@colespayne.com