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FNGH brings hope and aid to flood victims in Cagayan, Philippines

Cagayan has been placed under a state of calamity due to devastating floods which local officials described as the worst in the province's history. (News)

FNGH Volunteer Neil Gavino is on the ground and reports:

It is already uncomfortable to be driven out of their homes. It is already uncomfortable to be sleeping by the side of the road. It is already uncomfortable to have no roof above their heads. Not a single soul should experience these, but the flooding caused them all. We may not be able to provide for everyone...

But tonight, there will be less people, elderly and children sleeping in the cold of Tuguegarao -ber month nights. And we hope we can give a little bit more of warm and comfortable sleep to more victims.

Thank you Ma'am Florence Allbaugh and FNGH for the love sent from United States, together with the Cagayan State University Medical Student Council we are able to provide new fleece blankets to the victims of Cagayan floods.

I wish you were here to see them smile, and wave their hands and blankets, as they say their thanks. They really appreciate it!

Help us give where the need is greatest!

No matter how small, your donation goes a very long way!

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