About Us

Despite the many challenges in the world, we have made it our mission to aid in healthcare, life and education for  impoverished communities in developing countries.


Our goal is to extend hope and develop strategies that enable people access to quality health care and education so they can build a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

Florence Nightingale Global Health (FNGH) have forged strong partnerships with Rotary Clubs and other non-profits and private sector organisations worldwide. We believe that combining our efforts and the support of our global audience, we can make a huge difference to those living in absolute poverty. 


Much of our work is focused on the Philippines, however, we also conduct missions in Mexico and other regions.


Our aims: 


  • Eliminate illiteracy by strengthening the capacity of communities to support basic education in adults and children.  

  • Eradicate absolute poverty and improve access to healthcare by sharing our knowledge and expertise on sanitation, medical, dental, hygiene and well-being, including water supply and sanitation — provide access to safe water and maintaining or improving water quality.

  • Build a better future through sustainable humanitarian projects. Finding community solutions to community challenges by uniting existing and new networks to make a positive difference to those communities.

  • Promote peace and goodwill by strengthening local entrepreneurs and community leaders. Promoting peace education and human rights awareness as a priority in schools. 

  • Promote Gender equality — including women's economic empowerment and leadership, and ending violence against women and girls.

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FNGH's community development programs focus on making a significant investment in the lives of those communities we serve. We advocate through our multilateral and global partnerships to ensure our work is ethical and effective. We seek to create lasting change--to build better futures with care and compassion.