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Supporting programs that strengthen a community's ability to provide basic education and literacy for all. 

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.”  - Confucius

Classroom Lecture
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My name is Florence Allbaugh and I am a licensed educator with a Masters degree in curriculum instruction. This year I plan to take a vocational team of experienced educators to the Philippines where we will facilitate training for teachers in Quezon City and North Samar, in collaboration with the Department of Education and other international partners. This is an exciting opportunity to help local teachers improve their skills, planning and cross-curricular integration. 

If you would like to help support this initiative please contact me. 

Florence Allbaugh

Project Aims:

To promote positive change agents in education through Rotary collaborations, facilitate international, hands-on and engaging diverse and interactive teaching practices for students and colleagues. Facilitate teacher critical thinking skills and classroom management strategies for current and new teachers entering the profession to promote improved educational practices. 


Number of School aged children 100-499

Number of teachers receiving training in adult education 100- 499

Global Grant (GG2345181)

This is a joint collaboration with Rotary Clubs in both the Philippines and the United States of America.  

Funded by The Rotary Foundation. 

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