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Philippine Missions

We proudly partner with inspiring people working in Northern Samar, and other locations in the Philippines.

Happy Smiling Faces Project Cover photo.

We are excited to announce the Happy Smiling Faces Project with the Onnink Family Trust and FNGH. The purpose is to provide dental care and education for those in need. Our first focus is on an orphanage in Northern Samar, Philippines. Young children and teens have already begun to receive fillings for cavities and cleanings.


The dentist, Dr. Ariel Carandang, takes the time to provide education and toothbrushes and toothpaste to help change behavior.

We look forward to sharing more stories about the Happy Smiling Faces Project! #fngh

"The teeth in our mouths are like jewels. A nice smile adds so much beauty to our faces. Good teeth are essential for good nutrition."

Any Amount is Welcome

Mely Elementary School

(San Mateo)

We have been working in partnership with The Rotary Club of Catamaran to help the Mely Elementary School in San Mateo, Philippines.

San Mateo2.jpg

In addition to books, we helped furnish supplies, so students learned how to wash their hands correctly with soap and water. During these times, this is an especially important education task to help young children become aware and self-sufficient. Keeping children healthy in the mind and healthy in the body has always been part of our mission.

San Mateo1.png

Any Amount is Welcome

Understanding the impact that poverty has on communities, FNGH supports the Home for Children and Adolescents (HCA).


The Home for Children and Adolescents (HCA) - Lingap Center under the auspices of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development (PSWD) - Northern Samar presently houses 36 children who are either orphaned, abandoned or victims of physical abuse, rape, or incest.

Together with our partners we have helped install a potable water system at the center.

We have also provided various goodies, toys and housewares thru Balikbayan Boxes.

Click on the link to read the report on this project. 


Any Amount is Welcome

2023 saw FNGH donating lots of essential basics to support remote communities in the Philippines. 

These supplies really make a huge difference in the lives of others. 

FNGH is proud to partner with outstanding organizations to bring vital humanitarian aid to people in remote communities. 

partner certificate FNGH.jpg

Any Amount is Welcome


Our missions are a success because of the great support we receive from

The Rotary Club of Catarman and the generosity of our partners, donors and benefactors.

Engage Locally

Meet one of our amazing locally engaged volunteers who helps us provide tangible support to local communities....  


FNGH Volunteer

Teacher Alvin Dela Paz

I’m Alvin dela Paz of Montalban, Rizal, Philippines. I am a grade school teacher at Maly Elementary School, San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines. At present I am serving the school as guidance designate, Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao (Values Education) School Coordinator and a grade 4 class adviser. This present academic year we are catering for 3,273 (male 1,667 and female 1,606) learners from Kinder to Grade 6. We are the second largest public elementary school in town. Most of the families belong to the urban poor living below the average income, where heads of the family are meager earners working as laborers, street/side walk vendors, house maids, tricycle drivers and various other occupations.


One of the many challenges our learners face is isolation, poverty and parental illiteracy. Many of our learners live in poverty and at the foot of mountains where it is difficult and costly to access electricity. These families prefer to save the little hard earned money they make for food rather than light -- a luxury. The only time their parents are free to help them study is after a whole day of work, at night. Sadly, many parents are illiterate and did not even finish their own elementary grade. Although they try, they cannot give academic inspiration to their children from their own lived experience. In addition, because of the pandemic we don’t have face to face classes. We currently rely on delivering our lessons through a printed format. It would be more productive if we could utilise digital technology. Being able to conduct lessons on a digital device (Table) would help teachers like me tremendously. We could save our digitally made lesson presentations with sounds and colorful pictures. In this way, learners are exited and motivated to learn their lessons. If we had this type of resource it would also lessen the load of teachers transferring from one learner to the other.


With your generosity and assistance, we hope to help those school children we connect with by providing them some basic school supplies such as: a ball pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser, crayons, notebooks, pad papers and the like. This is to alleviate the expenses of the family. With this, we could encourage or motivate them to pursue education as a result to eradicate illiteracy and poverty. I am looking forward for a positive response and support to this advocacy.

Our goal is to eradicate illiteracy… LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND

Alvin Teaching

Early childhood learning requires students to "hear sounds" and see "colorful pictures". This enhances their learning experiences. 

Sponsor A School Pack

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Similar items purchased locally

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School Pack A

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School Pack B

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School Pack C

Missions 2015- 2018


We have treated an incredible 282 medical patients in our 4 days of clinic at St. Scholastica's Hospital in Pambujan, Northern Samar, Philippines​.

We paid 2 dentists who treated 175 patients. Each dentist was paid an honorarium for their services.

450 students and 8 teachers were treated with fluoride varnish in 2 days at Cababoat School.

We provided over 2.300 meals for staff, school, and all those who attended clinic days.

We were able to provide much needed medications and supplies to St. Scholastica Hospital.

We have maintained our commitment to the people of Pambujan by sending balikbayan boxs to St. Scholastica and the Cababoat School.

Previous Northern Samar Missions were undertaken in 2018, 2015.

Northern Samar 2018.jpg
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