Benefactors & Donors

Thanks to your continued support and commitment, our people, programs and initiatives have accomplished great things.

Meet our Benefactors
Benefactors are those who have made both a significant financial and personal contribution  to our programs and initiatives, on an ongoing and regular basis. 

Al Katz

Dr Ann Farash

Dr Paul Onnink

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Kerry & Kay Danes

Tara Hack


The Rebel Kicks Band

Together with we can make a bigger difference in the world.

Meet our Donors
Donors provide contributions that can be allocated as flexibly as possible. These allow us to direct funds where they are most needed. 
  •    Anonymous

  •    Paul Coles

  •    Roi & Karen DeGuzman & Family

  •    Pinio Pastor

  •    Timothy Rigdon

  •    Steve Marcum

  •    Greg McNabb

  •    Michael & Marianne Bez

  •    Douglas Payne

  •    Karen McEverett

  •    Ivy Walker

  •    Sally Gregory 2020